Exp - VirtualTradePAd

Packet of 2[v]1: Trainer for [mt]4 + visual trade for Metatrader 4

 Download Virtual Trade Pad for mt4

Demo version of this program

In your hands the unique product of the project Of expforex.
This module was written for the terminal Of metaTrader4, so that the trader could deal on this terminal most simply and rapidly.
The analogs of this program there does not exist at the given moment.
Possibilities of the program:
With the aid of the virtual buttons of module, you will be able to open/discover to shut positions, to advance the levels of stops and lead for the positions. To shut all positions with one pushing of knob.
Program each time is supplemented with new tools for the trade.
You follow the renovations

Developer http://expforex.at.ua


1. You will neglect the file of [installyatora] of system.
2. Indicate way to your terminal
3. Wait for the end of [ustanvoki]
4. If terminal is not neglected - it will be neglected automatically
5. If terminal is neglected at the given moment you will preserve its work you [perezapustite] terminal.

      For the trade in the tester of strategies:
      1. select in the field adviser - exp - VirtualTradePad of for of tester of only
      2. select symbol, period and date of the testing
      3. press button "visualization”
      4. press start.
      5. on the working table find file exp - VirtualTradePad of for Of tester you will neglect it.
      6. now you can experience your strategies in on-line regime through my program.

      For the trade in the real regime
      1. select in the navigator adviser - exp - VirtualTradePad
      2. you will drag over it to the working graph, with which you will work
      3. press button "advisers”
      4. if program is not yet neglected on the working table find file exp - VirtualTradePad of for of real you will neglect him.
      5. now you can deal on the terminal - by one pushing of knobs.

Special features and the possible errors of the system

•    System works as is on the real/[demo] calculation and also in the tester of strategy from MetaQuotes
•    Limitations to the work system it stands for 1 hour, after this all buttons become inactive.
•    For continuing the use of a program you can [otblagodarit] me by any convenient of [dyal] you by the method
•    Version without the limitations costs 29$ c by the subsequent renovation.
•    System works through the Internet for the synchronization the client/of server, if the Internet connection is absent - will jump out the corresponding communication about the error
•    Do not give to system several orders contract, after to [nazhati] any button, wait for communication on the graph where it is established the system: "System is free”
•    System is MultiSymbol

 Purchase and the registration of product.

1.    In order to use this program without the time constraints, you should be purchased license for its use.
2.    For this you will pay goods in the store http://www.plati.ru/asp/pay.asp?idd=867687  
3.    After purchase you will establish program and will neglect it
4.    Press in the field "license” and key will give out to you.
5.    This key should be sent to me to the mail of expforex@meta.ua
6.     In the flow of 24 hours your key will be registered.

 History of the versions:


- Are created the buttons:

 -To shut all positions
 -To shut all positions on the tool
 -To shut entire Buy on this tool
 -To shut entire of Sell on this tool
 -To open Sell on this tool
 -To open Buy on this tool
 -Also there are fields for the introduction of the levels Of stopLoss, TakeProfit, Lot

- Information according to the calculation:

 -Utilized currency pair
 -[Spred] on this pair
 -Level of stops on this pair
 -Prices Of ask/Bid
 -Number of the calculation
 -Balance according to the calculation at the moment of the starting of the program

- Is added the possibility of the installation/of the removal of the postponed warrants Of buyStop, SellStop, SellLimit, BuyLimit
- The possibility of closing the positions on the loss/of the profit is added
- Is added the possibility of the selection of the version of closings of the warrants/positions on all tools/to the current tool
- The algorithm is rebuilt
- The error in determination of the window of the terminal is corrected
- Are removed data on [ask]/[bidu] of currency pair - it impedes the currency pairs
- Is added the possibility to include/to disconnect [stoploss] and it [teykprofit].

 - Made a window "always on top”
 - It made accessible Of [treylingStop]
 - If stands mark to [TreylingStop] [v] without loss - we include [treyling] to the profitable pairs, which can be derived [v] without loss, rest we do not touch.
 - If [TreylingStop] is included on (mark) [v] without loss, then there is no possibility to change [TreylingStop] -.
 - The parameters It [teykprofit] and [Stoploss] are active only if we them include by mark, otherwise they are always equal to 0
 - The parameters Of trailingStop Of levelStop Of takeProfit Of stopLoss - on silence are placed on the smallest possible stop the level, determined by server!
 - It corrected the error of the removal of warrants. Now all assigned warrants - are moved away.
 - Working orders now is accomplished considerably more rapidly
 -  Advertisement
 - Possibility to learn about the appearance of the new version

-Reconstructed the arrangement of buttons to the more convenient form, program does not load monitor. The window of program is arranged horizontally
-[Multivalyutnost]. Now the program can be used as [multivalyutnaya], derived basic 9 pairs + pair on graph of which it was established the script
-I/O Of error 32 - [bag] is corrected.
-Are added the current quotations of [ask] \ of [bid]
-Trainer and visual trade is combined. Control is transferred with the aid of [ChekBoksa]
-The instruction is renovated
-Program works also without the Internet in the regime of the tester
- It added the possibility of the compact size

Некоторые функции, использованные мною в моих экспертах были скопированы с открытого доступа и модифицрованы под нужды каждого эксперта. Автор некоторых функций KimIV Модификация Expforex
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