Virtual TradePad is a "Click & Trade” system. That allows the trader to speed up actions  and safe time.

It was developed as a helping tool for beginners and professionals traders. Virtual TradePad is a stand alone program that connects automatically to you terminal through an Advisor and and reacts on each action  you perform.

Light Example: Lets take a common work situation. We have an  opened  buy position, but as we see further it goes in wrong direction. We want to close the buy position and open a sell position. Virtual TradePad will do it in one click. Or we want to open a sell position with StopLoss,TakeProfit and Lot. For this we will need to perform 4 click and 3 calculations this takes — time and there is a probability that you get an requote and all the steps need to be redone.  Virtual TradePad will do it in one click.

Advanced examples: Lets take an intermediate situation. To setup a grid with 10 orders with the distance of 30 pips and with StopLoss,TakeProfit. We will need to open 10 times the order-open window , setup the opening prise , calculate StopLoss/TakeProfit. Virtual TradePad will do all this actions for you!! You need just to set the distance value and the order amount and the program will calculate every order and set it on the graph.

That’s right its not a cheat, not a joke, its a years long experience in programming and coding that helped us to develop Virtual TradePad.  Think about how much time you spare!

That was just examples for common situations, the possibilities of our product are much wider.

Program features:
• Controlled BUY/SELL buttons
• Controlled close/delete/close profitable/close lose positions buttons
• StopLose TakeProfit setup
• Turn TrailingStop on/off
• Revers System
• Contoll block for orders
• Work with 10 currency pairs at one time
• Action execution speed 1-3 sec.
• Best tool for newbie traders and professional trader
• A big amount of intresting and usefull functions for speeding up you work
• MT4 Trainer
• Partial position close , close by general profit
• САР TrailingStop
Before buying the product , download the demo and try it out.
The demo is available for introduction purpose.
By buying the Product you agree that you have try out the demo and you’r ready to buy the license and get the full featured version of the product.
We do not carry any responsibility to how you use the program.
You use the program on you own risk.





You can download the full Documentation

User Guide









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