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DISCOUNT on all my products in the store forex advisors - 40% on all my items

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Dear friends,

There are many opinions about the holiday for programmers.

Someone thinks that the vacation is no time. Someone is resting every month, well, we try to relax once in half a year.

Why do we need a rest? Working with code is very tedious work. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of fresh air, the harmful effects of the computer.

As a result of such work - disturbed feeling, drowsiness, laziness, depression.

The result - no new ideas. Programming becomes without interest.

Solution: get out on vacation. Not necessarily it should be a hotel on the beach. It's just a holiday. Without thinking about work.

We are pleased to announce that our vacation will start from April 7 to April 27, 2016.

At that time: New orders will not be accepted!

I will try to give the support for their products in their spare time.

If we have not responded to the letter - please wait 1-5 days. We try to make our service was up to par.

And most importantly: As in our previous holidays - discount.

DISCOUNT on all my products in the store forex advisors - 40% on all my items.  

Discount will be held throughout April. from April 1, 00:00 to 23:59 April 30

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