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How to buy advisor in our store? Questions and answers.


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There are a lot of developments in our market of automated trading for advisors and open source for the Forex market.

All developments belong to the author of the site Vladislav Expforex.



Selection and ordering

You can add the selected product in 2 ways:

1 way is the addition of goods to the cart with the subsequent ordering

This method is good because you can add several products at once, selecting them from our catalog of advisors 2018

Consider the product card:

  1.  Press the green button to add a product in the cart
  2. To add a product to the Wish List, press the yellow button.
  3. For more information, click on the blue button.

This is how the product card looks after being added to the cart and wish list:

2 way is the purchase of goods from the product page

You can also add a product to the cart or buy a product in 1 click.



Your cart in the navigation

Your cart is displayed on top, when you hover over it, a list of added goods appears

You can empty the basket, remove the item and FILL OUT


Wish list and your orders in navigation

You can add any of our products to the "wish list". You will always know what you chose last time.

This gives you the advantage to check products from the list for discounts with one click. It's comfortable.

You can also remove the item from the wish list.


After you have filled the basket with our advisors, click the button PLACE AN ORDER (Or buy in 1 click)

Your cart will look like this:

Ordering takes less than 1 minute, 3 steps to get the goods.

The product is automatically sent to the specified mail!

Step 1: Select a payment method.





Step 2: Specify your mail, where to send the goods:


Step 3: Click the PAY button to go to the payment systems page




When you at the payment system page, fill in the details of your card.

Attention: All data is confidential and your card data is not stored anywhere. Payment security is guaranteed!

Click the Pay button

After successful payment you can send a copy of the receipt.


Payment using WebMoney

At the payment system page, log in your WebMoney account.

Confirm your details

After payment you can also print a receipt


Payment with FreeKassa

(Any methods, Mobile operators, Electronic money, Cryptocurrency, Cash)

This is a new system on our site and we are conducting a dialogue about how to connect as many systems as possible to this payment method.

Choose this method to start:


Then you will be moved to the Free Kassa service page.

Choose a your payment method from the list provided:


After the selected method, you will be taken to the corresponding service. The whole commission is paid by our store!

For example, payment with Visa MasterCard

Receipt of goods

After successful payment, you will be returned to the order page, where you will be awaited by an activated link to download our advisor.

Click on it and the download will start instantly.

You will also receive a letter to your email:


If you have entered the wrong email, please ask a question in the "Have a question?" 

Your order letter

After placing the order and clicking on the Pay button, you will receive an email with a link to pay for the programs.

You can pay for the programs later, you can also view your order.


Free update of the purchased program

If our program is updated and a new version is downloaded, you will receive an email that a new version has appeared.

You can download the new version absolutely free!


Clearing the basket and removing goods from the basket

If you decide to change the list of programs in the basket, you can clear the basket with one click.

Also, if you want to remove an item from the list, you can click on the cross to remove it.

Promo codes

We offer regular promotions and provide discounts in our store

A promo code is a special code that you applied to receive a certain discount.

Look for our promotional codes in the news.

You can also find promotional codes in random places, in articles, on the pages of our site. They are hidden :-)

To use the promo code, simply enter it in the PROMOCODE field and click the "Check Code" button.

For example: You can get $ -1 for your purchase by entering TEST-CODE-1-DOLLAR

Attention : Discount is taken into account according to the highest value among your discounts (Cumulative discount, one-time promotional code, reusable promotional code)

Thank you for purchasing our product!


If you want to buy our advisors in the market mql5.com - click on this link.

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