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  1. Forex is a risk, please, before trading on forex, I advise you to learn the basics of forex and given earnings.
  2. A small deposit is the key to a big drawdown.
  3. Making a profit today, I do not give a guarantee of making a profit in a month. Forex - unpredictable.
  4. Getting a loss today, you can make a profit tomorrow.


Sellers obligations and guarantees:

  1. You give a guarantee to the service that you have all the necessary copyrights and licenses for the goods you sell.
  2. You give a guarantee to the service that the product fully complies with the description.
  3. The seller must provide technical support on time if there is such an item in the item description.
  4. The seller is obliged to provide full Russian documentation for the goods being sold, if there is such an item in the description.
  5. The seller in case of disputable situations - is obliged to contact the buyer in time and settle the conflict.


Buyer Responsibilities and Warranties

  1. You are 18 years old
  2. You do not have the right to use the service for illegal purposes.
  3. All information supplied must be accurate and reliable.
  4. Do not use fraudulent methods of payment for goods / stolen money / inactive payment cards.
  5. By clicking on the "PAYMENT" button for a product that has a demo version, you agree that this expert has been tested by you in the demo version and fully meets your requirements.
  6. Buying goods with "Open Code" you agree that this product will not be distributed anywhere by you and will be used only for personal purposes.
  7. Money for the goods having the "Demo" version and / or in the "open code" will not be returned.

Change services and disable account

The service www.expforex.com has the right to disable the account of the buyer / seller without explaining the reasons 
www.expforex.com has the right to disable the seller’s account if fraudulent actions are observed. 


You take the risk when using the goods. 
www.expforex.com is not responsible for 

  1. Your actions in the Forex market
  2. Quality of files sold by its sellers
  3. www.expforex.com does not interfere in any relationship between buyer and seller.
  4. www.expforex.com has the right to remove negative reviews, left in an illegal manner, containing inaccurate and untrue information, not regulatory vocabulary.
  5. Wrong or thoughtless action on the part of the buyer.


Time for testing purchased goods: 7 days from the date of purchase 
If the buyer is not satisfied with the quality of service from the seller, as well as the product purchased from the seller does not match the description / does not work, the store can make a decision to turn the buyer money minus a commission of 25% 

Demo version and product testing before payment

Attention ! 
The demo version of the product is designed to test this product. 
By purchasing this product, you agree that you understand the purpose of the system and that this product suits you! 
You agree that the purchased product was tested by you in the demo version. You are satisfied with all the functions and work of the product. 
The demo version is not intended for use on a real account. 

The site www.expforex.com is not responsible for the incorrect / inappropriate use of advisors and programs. 
Any market situation can harm your account. 
Before starting a real trade, we strongly recommend that you study study materials, gain experience, hone your trading skills on demo accounts. 

Carefully read the terms of purchase of goods before making payment. 
By clicking the "Pay" button you agree to the terms of purchase.



Offered goods and services are not provided by order of a person or enterprise operating the WebMoney Transfer system. We are an independent enterprise providing services, and we independently make decisions on prices and offers. Enterprises operating the WebMoney Transfer system do not receive commissions or other remuneration for participating in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our activities. 

Certification made by WebMoney Transfer, only confirms our contact information and identity. It is carried out according to our wishes and does not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales of WebMoney system operators.

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