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cloudIN, necessary?, ex4, is, It, MQ4, Decompilation

Read about Decompilation ex4 in mq4 is it necessary?


In this article, we will talk about decompilers for mt4 , decompiling files from ex4 to mq4, the pros and cons of decompilation.

Dear friend, in the world of forex a lot of programs and strategies that you can download for free for mt4 and for mt5, but you are not haunted by a lucrative adviser .
Which ostensibly on your demo account gives a good profit? Then to you to us.

Why did you come to this page:

  1. "using of decompiled source code is prohibited" - "the use of decompiled source code is prohibited"
  2. The expert is removed from the experts folder
  3. Ex4 files are deleted
  4. Advisor is not visible in the terminal
  5. The adviser is not transferred to the schedule
  6. Properties of Expert Advisors do not open
  7. The advisers stopped working
In the recent past, PureBeam released the ex4 to mq4 decompiler for 799 green raccoons. And units of traders bought this program, as a rule further - they repulsed the cost of the decompiler due to paid decompilation. But the company MetaQuotes released new builds of the terminal. The decompiler had to be reworked.
New versions of the decompiler appeared, old versions - freely walked on the Internet. Developers advisers forex beat their heads against the wall, realizing that all their development will begin to break down and use the Soviets for free .

Decompilation of ex4 advisors

The process is not complicated if you have a purchased ex4 + file decompiler in mq4 .
But if it is not? We will talk about this further.
And now I'll tell you the pros and cons of decompiling experts.
  1. You see the open code of the Expert Advisor
  2. You can "steal" the trading strategy of an advisor
  3. "Cure" the counselor from greed and re-compile
  1. You get open source code that is absolutely not usable for editing
  2. All functions and variables have the same name with a varying sequence number.
  3. "Smart" developers - their best ideas are written in the DLL, the process of decompiling DLL is very complex. Protection with the help of DLL - the most profitable and powerful protection at the moment.
  4. In part, YOU can steal only part of the strategy.
  5. "Smart" developers make a lasting defense, and the cure for greed eventually leads to the discharge of the deposit.
  6. You can never claim the authorship of a strategy.
  7. You can always be banned in payment systems for theft and decompilation of advisers.
  8. You can not compile the Expert Advisor back! You will have to turn to programmers for help
  9. A "good" programmer will never engage in this work. (Well, except for 1000% of the cost of the expert?)
  10. With the 500th build of the MT4 terminal, it's forbidden to edit and compile the decompiled code, as indicated by the corresponding entry in the Editors log: using of decompiled source code is prohibited
  11. If you very urgently need an advisor or an indicator that is not compiled, you can use the autocorrector for mq4. How to compile mq4 509 build.
In the 500th build of the MetaTrader4 terminal, the developers went further and were able to withstand the forex decompilers. The Expert Advisors, which are compiled with a build of 485 and higher, are no longer decompiled. This opens up new opportunities for programmers. And thanks to this, programmers will be able to put full protection on their experts.
And also the decompiled advisors, below the 485 build are no longer compiled in the terminal and their use is forbidden by the developer company using of decompiled source code is prohibited

What should I do if decompilation is not possible?

You can copy transactions from mt4 to mt4 . If you have an expert demo, which only works on the demo - you can copy his transaction to the real with a copy of the transactions . Moreover, you can copy transactions with reverse, set your lot for copying, copy only profitable transactions, copy with virtual stops and take, adjust the process of copying to 1 or more terminals.
Why pay for a decompiler and spend time restoring an expert?
Is this not a good alternative to the forex decompiler ? Think about paying $ 799 for a decompiler, or $ 99 - $ 149 for the best mt4 copier? You decide.


the best copier of transactions with demo accounts, you can copy both demos and reales, use investor's accounts. Work on one terminal - when your copier will copy your transactions to other terminals.
Rich functionality, accurate copying, Fast synchronization of transactions on MT4 terminals. The site has a lot of videos on this program. Check it yourself by downloading the demo version of the copier. And know - the demo version of the copier is only 10% of the full version. Do not think that after downloading the demo version - after decompilation YOU will receive the Full FULL version. ;-) After all, we know with you - that expforex is the best mt4 programmer .
Good luck with decompiling (or still copying?)
Presentation of COPYLOT:

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In this article, we will talk about decompilers for mt4 , decompiling files from ex4 to mq4, the pros and cons of decompilation.

Dear friend, in the world of forex a lot of programs and strategies that you can download for free for mt4 and for mt5, but you are not haunted by a lucrative adviser .
Which ostensibly on your demo account gives a good profit? Then to you to us.
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